“A beautiful sunset that was mistaken for a dawn.”― Claude Debussy, 75. . I love you like the sea loves the shore. It is the sun going to his rest.”― Thomas de Quincey, 72. I mean, it’s the classic ending to any self-respecting Hollywood film: the gorgeous couple (inevitably sat on a horse) ride happily ever after into the sunset. “Don’t forget: beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies.” – Paulo Coelho, 18. The golden hour can be simultaneously shared with the ones we love and care about, but also lived as a very personal and spiritual occasion. It is capable of bringing back fresh memories of joy with your other half. “Sometimes the sunset is so beautiful, I think it might be the very last one.”― Nitya Prakash, 84. Before Sunrise Quotes. Hinton, 61. See more ideas about Sunrise quotes, Quotes, Sunset love quotes. Atticus. “Sunset on the water ought to be a quiet and easy time, but I guess some people can’t stand a little silence.”― Carl Hiaasen, 74. 142. Do you have any more sunset quotes I should add? “Admire the efforts of a failure like you admire the beauty of a sunset.”― Amit Kalantri, 57. Sunsets and soulmates. She was in love with the sunset. Mattie Stepanek. “If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God.” – G.K. Chesterton, 48. “Never turn your back to the sunset, because you owe the sun a thanking for lighting you all day!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan, 44. Sunset Quotes about Love. “Beyond the sundown is tomorrow’s wisdom, today is going to be long, long ago.” –     Thomas Hornsby Ferril, 9. […] I used to wish dusk would last longer, but its quickness seems to add to making it special.”― Regina McBride, 69. I Love you to the beach and back. Never go too long without watching a sunset. © 2020 Adventures and Sunsets | Supported by. I love: adventures, sunsets, brunch, bars, good food, hiking, viewpoints, nature, amazing accommodation, and anything unique. “If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God.” ― G.K. Chesterton, 23. Loving someone and having them love you back is the most important thing in life. 'Sunrise Sunset' is a letter I wrote to a girl I was once with who I really thought I was going to fall in love with. “Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!” ― C. JoyBell C. 43. “A large drop of sun lingered on the horizon and then dripped over and was gone, and the sky was brilliant over the spot where it had gone, and a torn cloud, like a bloody rag, hung over the spot of its going.”. “Now she’s lit by the warm orange spreading from the horizon as not-quite-day, becomes not-quite-night.”― David Levithan, 67. These will all make you reflect about your existence and appreciate the beauty in a fleeting moment! We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way, begin no day where we have ended another day; and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us. “He glanced at the sun which, old professional that it was, chose that moment to drop below the horizon.”― Terry Pratchett, 83. Hope you enjoy, and let me know which is your favorite! “I love that this morning’s sunrise does not define itself by last night’s sunset.”― Steve Maraboli, 56. by KimmConn | Mar 2, 2020 | Blog, Quotes + Captions, Travel Inspo. These romantic sunset love quotes intertwine the beauty in a romance and the beauty in a sunset. Sunset Quotes Life Beach Quotes Nature Quotes Sunset Sayings Sunset Quotes Beautiful Beautiful Sunrise Inspirational Quotes With Images Great Quotes Photos Bff More information ... People also love … A&S is designed to inspire young-at-heart travelers to plan AND make the most of a dream trip. “She was in love with the sunset. “Life does not come with instructions on how to live, but it does come with trees, sunsets, smiles and laughter, so enjoy your day.” – Debbie Shapiro, 51. Nov 30, 2019 - Explore Vhanj's board "Sunset love quotes" on Pinterest. I call these “beautiful sunset quotes” because they are the perfect words to go along with an amazing sunset. As you watch it dip below the horizon, you get all the feels and yearn for perfect sunset quotes to capture your feelings. But what does someone who hates and loves want with a sunset?”― Alberto Caeiro, 82. “This is my favorite time of the day. We also have a selection of beautiful good night quotes and quotes about the moon. Heaven!” – Nina Agdal. “May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace…”― Umair Siddiqui, 54. Also, you can get famous sunset love quotes for … You should take every opportunity to watch a sunset, as gazing may also have a number of psychological benefits. “Your choice between sunrise or sunset depends on your attitude.”― Ibn Jeem, 85. “Instead of sailing off into the sunset, he hopes to sail into the next century.” – Dave Anderson, 87. Sunset is the start of something beautiful: the night.” ― Juansen Dizon, 25. 141. Disclosure: My blog contains affiliate links and promotional codes. Take a look at some of the most poetic, romantic, motivational, and inspiring quotes about the sunset that have ever been written. It reminds us of the importance of time and how we should make good use of it. Have you seen these inspirational rain quotes to lift your spirits? It's not always going to be this grey. “Bursts of gold on lavender melting into saffron. “I never met a sunset I didn’t like.” – Unknown, 96. Peace of the Beach … Love yourself … you only have one you … one life. Sunset on the water ought to be a quiet and easy time, but I guess some people can’t stand a little silence. “Sunsets in themselves are generally superior to sunrises; but with the sunset we appreciate images drawn from departed peace and faded glory.” –  George Stillman Hillard, 29. Joy comes in sips, not gulps.” – Sharon Draper, 2. Here are some of the best sunset quotes about life that I have found. “Sunsets are just little glimpses of the Golden streets of Heaven.” ― Unknown, 66. Want to convey that in a short quote or an Instagram caption? #visitsolomonislands #solomonislands #discoverearth #sheisnotlost #freewanderess #exploremore #natgeoadventure #travelblogger #welivetoexplore #travelstoke #passionpassport #fantastic_earth #sunset_madness #sunset #sunset_pics #womenwhoexplore #explorerbabes #optoutside #femmetravel #ladiesgoneglobal #travelbloggeres #islandsunset #islandlife #natgeotravel #theoutbound #sunset_hub #sunsetmadness #sunsets_fx #southpacific #artofvisuals, A post shared by Travel + Festival Blogger‍♀️ (@kimmconn) on Mar 7, 2019 at 8:20am PST. Sunset is one of the most photographed natural events in the world. “Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan, 16. “Believe in yourself and you can change a sunset into a new dawn.” ― Anthony T. Hincks, 41. “When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” – Mahatma Gandhi, 15. Romantic Sunset Quotes About Love. While everyone loves the feeling of a beautiful sunset, we may not all be as eloquent as Emerson or as articulate as Atticus. Check them out below and get 5% off for reading A&S! Let me know in the comments! I love you more than there are grains of sand on the beach, fish in the sea, and waves in the ocean. Love like a sunset. “Sunset is the most spiritual moment where human race meets the extraordinary spirit of the universe!”― Mehmet Murat ildan, 77. All you need to make sure id that your trips to beach never end.” ― Jasleen Kaur Gumber, 33. Studies show that slowing down to enjoy a sunset may boost well-being, increase prosociality and enhance life satisfaction. Do you have any other inspirational quotes to add? – Khalil Gibran. So naturally, all my guides include a good dose of all the above. “As angry as the sky looks, it’s still full of the colors of love.” ― Anthony T. Hincks, 14. 15 of 20. Here are 100 sunset quotes to read for inspiration and sunset captions to use with your photos. . Your email address will not be published. As your day comes to a close, ask yourself whether you’ve done everything you set out to do or been the person you desire to be. Beautiful Sunset Quotes. No one else ever even stood a chance.” – Unknown. 42. “The sky was a bruised red shot with black, almost exactly the colors of a tattoo. “There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. It’s a reminder that it’s one more day over in our timeline of existence. Jarod Kintz “Let the sea breeze blow your hair, let the sunset bring tranquility to your heart, let the distant places you travel allow you to explore yourself.” ― Somya Kedia, 50. Dawn quotes. Remember to also read our collection of beautiful sunshine quotes for more inspiration. 145. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow “Sunsets we always liked because they only happen once and go away.” – Ray Bradbury, 92. “Sunrise Sunset’ is about trying to get to a place where life is simple and not letting the stress and happenings in the world get in the way of your happiness.” – Benny Cassette. Richard Paul Evans. Beard, 24. Unknown. every day a million miracles begin at sunrise! “If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord.” ― Nathan Phillips, 63. “Enjoy the beauty of a sunset nature’s farewell kiss for the night.” – Sharon Rene, 39. The sky drains of birds.” – Tod Wodicka, 88. A sunrise or sunset can be ablaze with brilliance and arouse all the passion, all the yearning, in the soul of the beholder. “To watch a sunset is to connect with the Divine.” – Gina De Gorna, 35. May you find great value in these inspirational Sunset Quotes from my large datebase of inspiring quotes and sayings. I’ve picked the sunset quotes that resonate most with myself and hopefully a wider audience. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner.’ I don’t try to control a sunset. 21. Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting. Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty. “I want to see how sunset decorates your hair.” – Tyler Knott Gregson. “All I ever wanted was to dream another sunset with you.” — Mayday Parade. If sundown is the highlight of your day, check out our collection of wise and inspirational sunset quotes, sayings, and proverbs below. “There can’t possibly be anything more beautiful than Seaside Beach at sunset.” ― Bryn McCarren, 13. “Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, 3. They signify endings, change, and transformation; they remind us that change is part of life and everything has an ending. “. Save your memories in this quote about the sunset. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Watching the sunset is a spiritual experience of beauty, time and existence. So, thanks for purchasing through my posts! 19. I have processed multiple claims with them, outlined in our Heymondo Review. Every sunset has been quoted as quiet, as silent, as kind one in a lifetime, that it really does. This site is full of comprehensive travel tips and ridiculous stories by a twenty-something tour guide with a bad case of fomo. Related topics: Inspirational Wisdom Best-Quotes There’s something about a sunset that sparks wanderlust, and these sunset quotes will make you want to pack up and go. You might also like these inspirational waves quotes for surfers & beach lovers. If I could lick the sunset, I’ll bet it would taste like Neapolitan ice cream. ? . “Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.” – Richie Norton, 6. It was one of the best experiences we’ve had, and one of the best sunsets we’ve seen. 1. Unknown. Paradise. – Mary Balogh. 21. . “Every sunset is also a sunrise; it all depends on where you stand.” – Karl Schmidt, 100. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. “You just gotta use the sunset as a reset button and start over in the morning with every chance you get to open your eyes.” – Victoria Monet, 97.