Added alpha action to nameplate style filters. Actionbar Buttons can be sized unproportionally now by unchecking the Keep Size Ratio option. (#1280). We added a mover and the new settings can be found in the Actionbar configuration. This is not for everyone, but if memes are part of your experience, this Added Title element to the Player Nameplate. Added dispellable to boss buff filters by default. their placement and limited customization options. Fixed Nameplate Cutaway health not following Style Filter Health Color changes. your target. Added Debuff Highlighting on our Focus Frame. NamePlates had the wrong font when loading into the game, should be resolved now (for real finally). These options can be found in the "General Options -> Fonts" section. Fixed friendly nameplates not showing in Garrisons. Fixed Pet Battle Nameplates, they weren't properly updating Health Bars. Fixed QuestGreetingPanel & WorldMap skin not take account to Parchment Remover. Fixed spell ID for Consuming Hunger in the RaidDebuffs filter. Added an option to Swap to Alt Power on party frames, until we have a widget or something for corruption status of party members. Fixed Fader from properly fading the Pet Frame out when combat ends. It seems unitframes were confused as to whether or not the unit was, If you were a bad boi and interrupt yourself with the. Adjustments to the Quest Skin to try to keep the text and backgrounds showing properly (again). Fixed error when attempting to right click a fake unitframe spawned from "Display Frames" by unregistering mouse on these frames. Fixed error in reagent bank caused by trying to index a missing questIcon object. Adjusted backdrop color of Account Wide achievements to a soft dark blue. Added new Tags, which allows transliteration. Added scale option for the smaller world map. Fixed issue on pet bar which may have caused the "auto cast" markers to show in the wrong pet spells. 6955 (downloads) RedtuzkUI Classic. For some reason Style Filters had convinced Portraits into being too clingy on Nameplates. General section of Units in Unitframe settings are less of a mess. DejaClassicStats at which you have gathered before. Changed Health Backdrop Multiplier to be an Override instead. Made various skin tweaks according to latest FrameXML changes. Fixed issue which prevented item buttons in bank from updating on first show. Added a Panel Snapping option, which allows you to toggle the snapping into panels. Limited the Nameplate Low Health Threshold to '80%'. Added the ability to swap language in the configuration window to the language of your choice. Adjusted Nameplate and Aurabars to hopefully better detect mind control, duels, and which the frame type should be. Fixed an issue which caused the power:max tag to display an incorrect value. Raid icons will now be displayed as text in the Copy Chat window so they can be copied correctly. Added optional mount name for units on tooltips. Welcome to our Macros guide for Paladins where you will find out what the best Fixed (hopefully) a Smart Aura Position setting issue which would cause the Buffs and Debuffs on Unitframes to cause a SetPoint error. Updated the Quest and Upgrade Icon in the Bag module. Gender display option in tooltip had space on the wrong side. (#1414). Optimized plate load in so the performance will be improved if plates spawn quickly. Added options for Health font on NamePlates. This is very useful in order to be aware of Changed the name format used for the ElvUI nameplates. Added support for Voidtouched Egg in Uldum onto the nameplates, similar to Nazjatar Follower XP. advice on how to handle some mechanics. (Rubgrsch). Quest reward will show percent of level, also the EXP Bar will show Quest XP if enabled. Added new visibility options for the Player NamePlate. Fixed error: StyleFilter attempt to index locale 'auras' (a nil value). Fixed scaling of the Leave Vehicle button on the minimap. Fixed friendly unitframe range check for resto druids. Changed the click needed to reset current session in the gold datatext from Shift+LeftClick to Ctrl+RightClick. (Thanks oUF/LS-)! Sleek and elegant, it works for every class. I do also have ElvUI classic installed as well, I only wanted specific parts of KlixUI. Fixed error when setting text color on custom buff indicators. (!79 - Thanks @Alex_White), Added Tooltip offsets while using anchor on mouse. Party Pets now have an Aura Watch setting. Added `Dispellable` to Nameplate Friendly NPC Buffs and Nameplate Enemy Player Debuffs list by default. Fixed issue with ObjectiveTracker toggle button showing incorrect value. Added Veiled Argunite to the Currencies datatext tooltip. Simplify how the Chat module handles Chat Filters. On this page, you will find a number of useful macros and addons to make your life easier when playing your Retribution Paladin in World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.0.2. Added a temp mover for the Scrapping Machine Frame. Fixed error when having Masque enabled but having ElvUI skinning disabled within Masque settings. Fixed AP calculation display issue for values over 1 million. Fixed taint which prevented kicking someone from guild. Alors voilà j’ai une petite demande à vous faire : Pourriez vous partager votre interface et vos addon pour heal en MM+ ? This addon (Simpy). Recoded some of the Cooldown module code and made it support UnitFrame Buff Indicator better. Added global option to choose which filter is used for the RaidDebuff Indicator modules. Demon Hunter Havoc Vengeance. ElvUI is not a collection of multiple addons, like some people may believe. Live PTR Beta Classic. (#821), Fixed issue which would show a NPC Reputation instead of NPC Title on NamePlates when Colorblind mode was enabled. Use it for efficiency, or don't use it for the Combine this filter with a whitelist in order to only see your own spells from this whitelist. may not publicize any portion of this addon. Added Infested affix buff to RaidBuffsElvUI filter. Updated option layout for Available Tags. Creativity feature added by allowing you to create and customize. Changed "XP" to "AP" on the Artifact DataBar. RC Loot Council Fixed rare tooltip error (attempt to index local 'color'). Add or Remove spell from a filter should now work how it was always meant to. LoseControl creates Supressed the error when you dont have Pawn updated yet, go update it if you use it! Fixed a potential error in the oUF stagger element by adding a fallback value. Leatrix Plus Classic Changed the max font size for General Font to a softmax. Boss button should appear as its supposed to now. Fixed issue with AP calculation on items in bags. Added Cutaway Health to nameplates (part of #331). Added "blockNonPersonal" special filter for aura filtering. Friend datatext can now show friends who are playing multiple games and show each character that is on WoW with the ability to invite or whisper each toon via right click menu. Fixed CVar `chatClassColorOverride` not working correctly. Databars: Fixed EXP mover not showing up, fixed visibility logic for all bars. Fixed rare error in world map coords. (#981). Updated the unitframe framework "oUF" to latest version. Buff Indicator now has its options reworked. Adjusted fonts to scale a little better to follow what Blizzard intended. Actually, we might as well just remove ElvUIGVC completely. Mostly used for Custom Texture Packs. Unitframes and Datatexts were sometimes failing to display their text, hopefully this is corrected now! Fixed placement issue of name and level on NamePlates when "Always Show Target Healthbar" is disabled. Added `Weakened Soul` back to our Buff Indicator. (#873). you to do more with less buttons in your interface. [Bag] Recoded the animation for the New Item Glow so they all glow together instead of seperately, also gave it a fancy new glow texture. Fixed issue which incorrectly caused Debuff Highlighting to be active for mages. Fixed Selection Player Color sometimes being incorrect. OPie. Fixed issue which could cause an invisible frame to block clicks when the minimap was moved out of the topright corner. Nameplate: Fixed ClassPower SetPoint error. Fixed BG Stats tooltip not showing the details. Added more game clients to the Friends datatext. Shortened the text displayed on the movement speed datatext. Added a seperate Tooltip option to display the NPC ID. Due to its large user base, there is a huge library of auras already created [Actionbar] Stopped allowing Keybinder in combat. You can also choose to have a UI scale calculated for you, or simply set it manually in the config. [Nameplate: Style Filter] Added trigger if the unit is Focused (or not). Added BFA Mission Datatext (Thanks @AcidWeb). Added a new option to display Inspect Info on the Inspect and Character frames. (#843). (Simpy). Minor explosion on load with the release, damage has been absorbed by a fancy hotfix shielding mechanism. information with the information obtained by other people using this addon, it is Fixed issue which caused the 'Smaller World Map' to not be displayed correctly on initial login. Fixed an issue with the Quest Skin which caused the Quest Icon beside the text to sometimes not be shown. Added "Eye of Leotheras" (PvP Talent) to the PlayerBuffs Filter. Goodbye. Style Filters threat triggering is now no longer wearing slow shoes. [Nameplate] Fixing Off Tank Color on Nameplates and added transitioning colors. Fixed the default position for the UIWidgetTopCenter mover. 10914 (downloads) vUI Classic. [Nameplate] Added an option to toggle the Nameplates from fading in when shown. Attempted to correct Power Prediction not anchoring correctly on Additional Power. Adjusted the skin code to prevent possible errors from other addons involving backdrop not existing. Skinned Equipment Buttons (Thanks @Aftermathhqt). Questie Classic Added Swap to Alt Power option to Raid and Raid40. (Martin), Fixed issue which could break actionbar paging when the code contained the new-line character (n), Artifact DataBar tooltip will now show the artifact name and only show points to spend when you can actually spend some. (NickS). Fixed issue which broke the Aura step in the install guide. Fixed issue which caused unitframe tags containing literals to use OnUpdate instead of their assigned events. (#204), Added Tooltip option to alway show the realm name. Currently, this UI only uses 3 addons: ElvUI WeakAuras SharedMedia Only 1920x1080 resolution is supported! Fixed issue which would sometimes keep Player UnitFrame out of range. By default it will hide in vehicles and pet battles. Chat has a Server Time setting now which can be used instead of Local Time. Fixed Transmog squares turning white when changing spec when your profile changes. By installing Classic Aura Durations, Fixed a bug which broke exporting profiles in plugin format. Fixed the "Darken Inactive" setting for stance bar. Changed Ace3 skin to no longer add border on SimpleGroup widgets. Hid the Recipient Portrait on the TradeFrame. (Thanks to Rubgrsch and siweia!). Added spacing option for unitframe auras. Fixed Smart Raid Filter toggle not applying anchors. Fixed issue which caused community chats to be shown in all chat frames. Quest Icons code was slightly updated to improve locales and pick the correct icon to use, so now it might work on other languages better. Fixed a tiny visual glitch with the DropDown in the Communities frame. Added option to Enable/Disable individual Custom Texts. Added new skins for the new elements in patch 8.0. makes it easier to search and post on the Auction House. many of the possible locations for herbs, ores and such in WoW Classic. Thanks to Azilroka the Buff Indicator and Aura Bars are now recoded! Fixed issue which required the user to click "Okay" in the Color Picker before colors updated (this was locked down intentionally for performance reasons, but those issues have been resolved in a different way). Lowered the min value on some Unitframes elements, mainly health. These options should function the same regardless of whether or not you have "Use Static Position" enabled. [Lag Fix] Reworked how we send calls to the UpdateAuraCooldownPosition functions and on NamePlate Auras to save on CPU time. Party Target settings were effecting Party settings, not the Party Target settings. It now uses tabs instead of the often overlooked dropdown. Updated RaidDebuffs filter and added a few from Tiago Azevedo. you to gather world materials more efficiently by remembering the location of spots Added click-through option for Actionbars: Bar 1 through 10, Pet, and Stance bar. Restructured the UnitFrame sections of the ingame config. Fixed an issue which caused clicking problems in the middle of the screen. Fixed issue which could cause the clickable area on nameplates to use an incorrect size. every player you meet and stores their current honor system data. Prevent rare error in chat bubbles. Added mouseover highlight to the NamePlates. Disabled by default. View User Profile Send Message Posted Jul 26, 2020 #79. Your current role has to match this before a filter is activated. VuhDo Fixed issue with placement of microbar within its mover frame. Fixed Nameplates in stacking mode on initial login. Collections. Disabled the "Boss" Style Filter by default. Options can be found in the Chat section. Blizzard Bags Skin: Show and skinned the bag icons. Added individual font size options to duration and count text on Buffs and Debuffs (the ones near the minimap). Added hard cap on max value for general font size setting. (Sorry for this everyone <3). ElvUI Datatext now has a Custom Label option. Essences from the Character and Inspect Info will now display the Essence quality color instead of type color. We apologize for the inconvenience. Added an option to play a sound if you select a unit and/or if you receive a battle resurrect. Fixed issue (#288) which caused items in the bag to not update correctly (after sorting). Updated some of the Priest, Monk, and Paladin Buff Indicator spells. The Chat Module now supports Custom Class Colors a little better now. Make sure you check out the post in the news section for the details! Fixed a Communities skin error about GetItemInfo. Fixed General Dock Manager skin not applying correctly. Chat Editbox will follow the chats text font and size. Show Assigned Icon option now exists for the bags. Hey, pre-patch just went live on the Eu servers, and I downloaded the new 10.03 version of Elvui and it isnt working, its enabled in the addon section in the char select, but there isnt a button ingame, where I can access it, nor can i call it forth by writing /elvui does anyone else have this problem, and if they do, is there a way to fix it? If you were looking for WoW Classic content, please refer to our Classic Paladin addons and macros. Nameplate Quest Icons now have the ability to show for multiple quests and have a few new options. Fixed bags not properly showing items when searched. Updated Ace3 so buttons on the side of Options will not be under the frame. Fixed issue which caused the MicroBar position to be misplaced during combat. La Maîtrise du Paladin Sacré augmente la puissance de ses sorts de soins d'un montant déterminé en fonction de votre proximité avec votre cible. Prevented the Update Popup from being shown while in combat. [Nameplate: Style Filter] Fixed Castbar Interruptible triggers. Fixed Item Upgradeable Icon while using Pawn. Classes. Added an option `Nameplates -> General -> Name Colored Glow` to use the Nameplate Name Color for the Name Glow instead of Glow Color. Fixed an issue which caused the cooldown module to error: `Font not set` (#548). Fixed Actionbar Masque enabled error "attempt to index field 'pushed' (a nil value)". Fixed issue with aura min/max time left settings in style filter actions. Fixed issue with display of Attonement in Buff Indicators when the Trinity talent is active (#346). These can either allow or block all auras cast by player units (meaning not NPCs). Added Legionfall War Supplies to Currencies datatext. Site News. Removed Cooldown Top Aura font override setting as it's not needed, the setting for Buff or Debuffs are in their Aura settings. Fixed issue which made it impossible to target raid members in vehicles in the new raid instance. 105%. Both are disabled by default. Fixed Twitter icon not appearing for items in chat. This includes raid (oUF_Fader). The Style Filter action "Name Only" will also display the NPC title now. Default chat bubbles can now use the ElvUI chat bubble font unless it was disabled. (#323). Updated Friends DataText to see the difference between retail and classic. Fixed issue with "out of range" display on UnitFrames on the Mother encounter in Uldir (#767). Report Links. Renamed "Number Prefix" option to "Unit Prefix Style". Fixed issue with ClassBar on NamePlates since 8.1 patch, the ClassBar also correctly works on Druids now. Fixed the Restore Bar button for ActionBars. Added skin for the CinematicFrameCloseDialog frame. Thin Border Unitframe setting can be toggled separately, regardless of the Thin Border UI setting (both are found under. Fixed error when trying to import invalid profile table. SetNamePlateSelfSize error was removed from the code. (#203), Added options to change the Item Level color in the Bags. [Actionbar] Refixed the Desaturation option so that it will recolor as soon as the cooldown finishes. Fixed the Color Wheel from derping at solid black. UI with a customizable, modern set of action bars, unit frames and most other conveniences [Style Filter] Added Triggers- Threat conditions, New Casting (or not Casting; or Casting:NotSpell) triggers, Key Modifiers, and Target: Require Target (used in ElvUI_NonTarget). Corrected skinned Chat Bubble Backdrop level. critical things missing that will make your life more difficult. Petbar wasn't appearing with the Backdrop option selected. [Nameplate] Fixed issue which prevented the Quest Icon from showing in some cases. Spellbook spells should work in combat without tainting now, this might fix other taint issues as well. MAJOR: Added "Style Filters" to NamePlates, allowing you to perform various actions on specific units that match your chosen filter settings. Fixed issue which may have caused some nameplate elements to stay visible when nameplate was not. We have come up with a much better and accurate way of handling it. Updated our DebugTools code to work with the new 7.2.5 changes. Changed the status frame. Classic Castbars Fixed error in the Spellbook relating to our Vehicle Button on the minimap and position of the Minimap (#434). Adjusted all the Power and Classbar backdrop colors to be a little more vivid. Fixed issue with missing border colors on some elements after a login or reload. OmniBar adds icons Added possibility of hooking into style filter conditions. (#1140). Added two buttons to Quick Toggle Blizzard Skins, in the skin section of config. Added new style filter action "Power Color". Chat History now supports multiple chat windows and will display the chat history in the correct chat window according to chat settings. you to configure and quickly swap between different sets of gear. Added toggle option for the new handling of the "Unspent Talent Alert" frame. (#1776). [Nameplate] Reworked the Target Alpha so that it shows only while in combat. (#1217). Fixed an issue with the cooldown module which wouldn't correctly set cooldowns when they were started cooldown before you logged into the game. Optimized handling of events for the nameplate style filters to reduce performance impact. ref: !44 (Thanks @peuuuurnoel). (#148), Scaled the Skip frame on the cinematic screen. Increased the Cast Bar text offset options on UnitFrames. [Nameplate: Style Filter] Added trigger Creature Type. On this page, you will find a number of useful macros and addons to make your life easier when playing your Holy Paladin in World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.0.2. Attempted to fix an issue which caused Chat Bubbles to error with Font not set. Updated SpellHighlightTexture in the Spellbook (#547). Moving the General chat tab should no longer cause any errors and the General tab should snap back to position. Fixed a bug in the new Addon Manager skin (AddOn index must be in the range of 1 to 4). Quest Icons, Raid Marker, and Healer Icon on nameplates will now be shown in nameonly mode. Fixed an error in init.lua: attempt to index local 'ACD'. Added Class Color option for Target Class Bar, Player Class Bar, and Nameplate Power Bars. Added enhanced target styles for NamePlates. There are a vast number of addons, including Deathknight Runes can use the custom backdrop color now, epic. make sure to check it out before starting your adventure! Paladin Addons for Classic Player vs Player (PvP), 5. Made sure the Alternative Power is only shown when it's supposed to be shown. Fixed an issue and garbage leak with the plugin version checker. makes trinket swapping a breeze, by allowing you to click a configurable trinket Added My Pet and Other Pets to Aura Filtering system. Added Flyout Button Size option (for pets and such). real Vanilla Experience! Contact. Thanks in advance. Added some ToV debuffs to the RaidDebuffs filter. It uses skinning from Azilroka. [Nameplate] Fixed a bug where the Highlight was under the health. Fixed AuraBar to support the duration slider when the filter list is empty. E:ShortValue will now floor values below 1000. Fixed issue which prevented the "new item" glow from hiding on items in bag 0 when closing bags. is precisely that, and has been our author's choice for the past 10 years! Fixed an issue which plays the bag sounds if you open the Game Menu. Fixed issue with chat history showing incorrect name on messages from BNet friends.